AOPEN and the Commercial Chrome Devices

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AOpen Chromebox

In Q3, AOPEN hopes to deliver the fruit of its work with Google on commercial grade devices for signage, POS and kiosk markets.

Google’s Chromeboxes, like other Chrome OS devices, rely heavily on an internet connection for software functionality and data storage. And Google relies on makers such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo to drive the 5.2 million consumer Chromeboxes sold in 2014.

We previously reported on Google’s intention to push into digital signage…and Google’s promotion and sales of a special Chromebox for meetings.

Based on Chrome OS platform, three AOPEN devices for commercial signage are coming: the Chromebox Commercial, the Chromebase Commercial 19” and the Chromebase Commercial 22”.

Built to use 24/7, AOPEN’s Commercial Chrome Device is solid state and has an open platform designed to support a range of Android apps. It is also bundled with one year of Chrome Management and designed to use Chrome’s cloud application as a device management system to centrally or locally deploy devices.

On top of that, the devices are also feature shock, circuit and vibration resistance, and Chrome hardware level security.

The AOPEN Chromebox Commercial is a small-form device that can power digital displays and vertical applications such as kiosks or public transport information systems. It is also designed specifically to fit in small spaces and comes with powered legacy and commercial ports.

The device is also fanless with no vent holes that allow it to be used in challenging circumstances.

AOPEN’s Chromebase Commercial is an ultra-thin multi-touch tile. Available in two display sizes, 19” and 22”, the tile is driven by Google Chrome’s device management system.

It also features a waterproof toughened glass front, tamperproof management & mounting, and powered ports to power POS devices and industrial connectivity.

Jason Cremins, Founder and CEO at wrote in a recent LinkedIn blog, “…Whilst some digital signage customers will happily choose from the range of low-cost Chromeboxes that are in the market, and some will even use the upcoming ASUS Chromebit HDMI Dongle device, many want a robust device that is built for unattended 24/7 use.

From our month-long extensive testing of the AOPEN Commercial Chromebox, we are very impressed with the performance and reliability, and we already have numerous partners that are raring to get their hands on a device to trial with Signagelive in a real-world environment…”

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