Thinking Big for a Smaller Solution: TinyGreenPC

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Shown first at ISE 2015,  TinyGreenPC, In-Store Media and Silvercurve demonstrate a complete content-to-screen digital signage solution centred on the TinyGreenPC Solitaire Pi-Player.

TingGreenPC Solitaire Pi Player

The Pi player is a pro grade dedicated media player offering both simple scheduling and ready templates and enterprise scalable scheduling with the Instoremedia Digital Signage solution. 

Drawing only 7W and built around the Raspberry Pi, the TinyGreenPC Solitaire Pi-Player offers a miniscule form factor. It delivers much of the functionality of a pc-based media player but uses approximately 1/3 of the power.  With output to HDMI, wi-fi and Ethernet, as well as OPS slot in and standalone versions, the Pi maker expects to break down many of the the traditional to adopting digital signage (e.g., cost, size, utility, interface etc).

The Pi Player has already been successfully adopted by top retailers-- including one of London’s most prestigious department stores, Gieves & Hawkes.

AVMI, global integrator of retail digital media solutions, created a custom window display for Gieves & Hawkes, powered by a professional digital signage platform from InStore Media and using an Apertur-powered Pi Player. Aperture has been developed by Silver Curve, a leading digital signage software developer. 


Commenting, Paul Mullen, Sales Director, AndersDX parent corporation of TinyGreenPC says, “InStore Media, Silver Curve and TinyGreenPC offer a truly joined up digital signage screen, allowing content to be created and played back quickly and simply. Silver Curve Aperture, bunded with the Pi Player, is a graphics engine that makes the outstanding graphics capabilities of the Raspberry Pi fully accessible. The Solitaire Pi Player from TinyGreenPC is the ultimate compact, low power consumption media player that costs just £7 a year to run in terms of power.”

[Photo: (left) Paul Mullen, AndersDX and (right) Bryan Crotaz, CEO, Silver Curve] 

The TinyGreenPC Solitaire Pi Player andersDX and TinyGreenPC are offered fully cased as a Stand Alone Media Player or an OPS Media Player. Both can receive content via Ethernet or (optional) WiFi and render it to an attached screen of up to 1920 x 1080p (Full HD) resolution. The Stand Alone player is equipped with HDMI, RS-232, Ethernet, GPIO and USB 2.0 Interfaces. The OPS player is based on Intel’s specification and comes with the appropriate 80-pin connector. The players draw just 7W and a UPS mode maintains the power supply from a battery for seven minutes in the event of temporary disconnection.

Instoremedia NOW is a solution for those who want to install and run simple, small scale signage installations from a User Interface which takes minutes to learn. Utilising the ultra-low impact Pi Player, with Instoremedia NOW, users can be running a digital signage display within hours. For larger scale deployments, Instoremedia Enterprise offers end users the ability to schedule content across large display networks from a single user interface. It is also compatible with the Pi Player and features both playlist and meta data rules based scheduling, as well as complete system diagnostics.

SilverCurve Aperture is a graphics engine for digital signage that enables software vendors to run their software on a mobile phone chip instead of a PC. Designed from the ground up specifically for digital signage, Aperture sits between the vendor software and the device hardware, drawing rich content and rendering it at full, broadcast-ready HDMI. It drives the graphics processor on the chip and uses it in a highly efficient way to obtain outstanding graphics, motion images and animation.

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