Mediateko Takes to the Pistes with ONELAN

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A Finnish advertising company, Mediateko Oy, installed new digital LED-screens in nine ski resorts around Finland. The screens are located near areas of concentrated traffic and so the advertising potential attracts interest.


The project is managed by Avek Esitysratkaisut Ltd (Avek) who provided and installed ONELAN Net-Top-Boxes (NTB-HD-10F-S) to supply content for the LED screens. 

Mediateko's clients send advertising content to Avek who upload and schedule this according to the clients' requirements. Avek uses a ONELAN Content Management Server (CMS) to update content remotely. Avek also monitors the system via a ONELAN Digital Signage Manager (DSM). Mediateko does not become involved in the technology itself or its maintenance, but concentrates on the commercial advertising potential.

"This is the most significant investment of the fiscal year for Mediateko, but we have faith in the concept. Reception among the clients has been very positive", says Mediateko's CEO Teemu Kontkanen.

The CEO of Avek Esitysratkaisut Ltd, Jari Rönkkö, is also excited about the collaboration: "Mediateko is our long-term partner, but these ski resort LED implementations have raised our partnership to a new level. The service-concept based infomedia system gives a massive boost for our co-operation. The concept brings added value for both sides."

Some of the LED screens will be relocated to nearby golf courses to be use in summer months.

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