CC Outdoor Holdings to be iHeart-less

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When it was introduced by Clear Channel Communications in 2008, the iHeartRadio app had a humble job as an online outlet for the radio giant’s 800-plus stations.

Now iHeartRadio has become such a central part of Clear Channel’s efforts to remake itself as a multiplatform media company that “iHeart” has become the new identity of the entire operation.

According to Clear Channel, more than 50 million people have registered for the iHeartRadio app. And the larger iHeartRadio Network, which includes the broadcast station websites, is visited by 97 million people each month. (By contrast, more than 250 million people have registered for Pandora, and at least 76 million people listen to it each month.)

Clear Channel’s businesses are organized through a complex structure of holding companies, almost all of which will be renamed with versions of the iHeart brand.

CC Media Holdings, for example, the overall corporation, will be renamed iHeartMedia Inc., and Clear Channel Communications, its major subsidiary, will become iHeartCommunications.

Only the company’s billboard and outdoor-advertising division, which is publicly traded, will retain the Clear Channel name, as Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings.

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