Intel’s Intelligent Pluggable Systems Specification

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The digital signage market is expected to reach $17.1 billion by 2017, according to IHS, but keeping pace with the development and delivery of new, state-of-the-art signage can be time intensive for digital signage vendors.

To simplify and speed the system integration, design, deployment and management of digital signage solutions, Intel developed the new Intelligent Pluggable Systems Specification (IPSS).

The new system specification complements Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) by encompassing hardware, software and technological solutions and enabling cost-effective, turnkey digital signs that are interoperable across vendors.

IPSS is supported by a range of companies including Axiomtek, BenQ, Gigabyte, Grundig,, JWIPC, Kontron, NEC, Nexcom, Philips, Pilot TV, Samsung Display, and TCL.

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