LeafEngine with the new Android OPS Media Player

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Smartsign is the first company in the world to integrate LeafEngine with the new Android OPS Media Player.

Smartsign ran its demo at NEC Solutions Showcase 2014 using a rain sensor connected to a NEC touchscreen and OPS Signage Player (Android).

Dan Arrias, Business Director International Markets at SmartSign says, NEC launched OPS end of March. We have a good cooperation so we did a test and found it to be the most reliable and stable Android ever. We felt it was worth focusing on."

"We used the rain sensor for our demo," says Arrias. Leaf collects sensor signal ad sends it to the Smartsign cloud sign service. Then the cloud server software can switch contents from, example--if it is raining, the content changes from fashion models in the ads to photos of Wellington boots on sale."

NEC's Leaf Engine is a software product designed to integrate with existing digital signage software, simplifying the integration, replacement and testing of new sensors. Once enabled, it allows the installation to react to changes in its environment, select and play content that matches the users profile or capture audience data for later analysis.

Smartsign was founded in 1998. Smartsign develop and sells software for digital signage used for internal and external communication. Smartsign Manager is a completely packaged product, used by more than 1500 B2B customers in 30 countries.

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