Extron Cable Cubby Series/2 Enclosures and Power Modules Now Shipping

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Extron Cable Cubby Series/2

Extron Electronics announces the immediate availability of all four new Extron Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures, the next generation of Cable Cubby cable access enclosures for AV connectivity and AC power.

Cable Cubby Series/2 includes the compact Cable Cubby 500 for single-user applications, mid-size Cable Cubby 700 for one or two users, the slim, low profile Cable Cubby 1200 for use in smaller tables, and the unique double-sided, Cable Cubby 1400 for access from either side of a table.

These generation modular enclosures offer a broad range of available AV connectivity and AC power options, including Extron Retractor cable retraction modules, AAP - Architectural Adapter Plates, and AV cables.

AC and AC+USB power modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets. Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures are available in a black anodized or brushed aluminum finish to blend in seamlessly with modern furniture and room decor.

Casey Hall, VP Sales and Marketing, says, "...These new Series/2 enclosures offer improved design aesthetics, ease of installation and serviceability, and support for mobile devices found in today's BYOD presentation environments."

All Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures are engineered for fast assembly and installation on the job site. A simple integrated clamp system secures the Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures to the furniture surface. The patent-pending, modular design allows convenient installation or replacement of AV cables or AAPs from the top of the enclosure, after it's installed. The Cable Pass-Through Plate features a unique, split-ring design that facilitates cable installation while eliminating the need for separate cable grommets. The AAP Plate can be pre-populated and cabled before installation within the enclosure. Cable Cubby Series/2 AC Power Modules are available for the US, Europe, and other major world markets.

Most AC 100 Series Power Modules provide two unswitched AC outlets. To support the charging of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices in AV presentation environments, the optional AC+USB 200 Series Power Modules provide one or two AC power outlets, plus two 5 VDC USB power outlets with 2.1A / 10.5 watts of total power.

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