ZetaDisplay's Annual Report

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Leif Liljebrunn

Time for the annual report: are we making any money?

In the latest annual report for ZetaDisplay, CEO Leif Liljebrunn reports that during the most recent 5-year period ZetaDisplay has more than doubled its turnover.

"We are seeing continued strong growth in the market. Digital communication is now a natural aspect of the new retail concept that the sector is developing for the future. The goal is growth, and during 2013 the company achieved a turnover of MSEK 60.9 (52.8), an increase of 17%," writes Leif Liljebrunn in the CEO's comments.

"The gross margin was lower than in the previous year, ending up at 52.5% versus 55.2%. The main reason for this was that the digital systems share was relatively high in the first quarter. During the year we have chosen to invest in new markets in the Baltic and Benelux, and we have also dedicated new sales resources to international clients in Europe. This has loaded the profits by about MSEK 2 and to some extent the margin too, as we have been aggressive in finding key clients in new markets."

"We have today business in six European countries, and the focus is now on getting the maximum benefit out of this investment. In addition to this we shall also sharpen our focus on profitability and cost controls in the company. "

"This year we have carried out a number of installations that provide continuous income through licensing and services, on average for four years in the future. During the last 12-month period licensing income increased by 50% (44%)."

Finally, Leif Liljebrunn [shown in photo]says many clients have not yet made the necessary investments so an interesting and expansive market is opening up for ZetaDisplay. The flow of enquiries coming in from new clients has continued, whilst ZetaDisplay is receiving an increasing number of requests for information from clients who have already begun to invest with other suppliers.

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