World's Largest Free-Standing Video Wall Totem

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Messe Düsseldorf

Messe Düsseldorf's north entrance hall now features “the world's largest free-standing video wall totem” with a height of almost seven metres. The digital installation replaces printed posters that once hung in the same place.

The fairgrounds turned to an industrial computer integrator with a digital signage division (InoNet Computer GmbH) for design and construction of the video wall which consists of 24 NEC 46'' screens.

The structural integrity of the wall presented quite a challenge: at a height of 6.80m, the stability of the construction is critical. Proper ventilation also came under careful consideration to keep the screens from overheating under constant operation. Driving the installation is a single InoNet Magnius video wall controller, which can daisy chain up to 144 screens.

The software providing the content for the video wall is kompas, the digital signage software made by dimedis. kompas is in control of everything that can be seen on the screens, such as a site map, Twitter wall, videos and news. Since kompas uses HTML5 to display the content, the video wall acts as one of the largest browser windows in the world.

Bernhard Wagner, Marketing Director at Messe Düsseldorf, says about the project: “We are very proud to be setting a record with our video wall. The aim of the project was to equip the central hub of Messe Düsseldorf with a way to offer visitors orientation and information. The video wall is a much better means to this end than the printed poster walls we used before. Now, we can display dynamic images and up-to-date content such as news and Twitter feeds...“

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