DSN EMEA Vol. 2. No. 21

VOL. 2 ISSUE 21 - May 31st , 2013

 KioScreen: Touch Through Glass 

LifeSize Touch says its KioScreen is the only touchscreen product on the market that works through glass using a zero bezel touchscreen panel. The touch layer is safely housed in a robust panel enclosure, making it easy to move or install without damage (and without needing adhesive touchfilms).


KioScreen will initially be available in three variations and prices...



  Screenly "Reinvents" Digital Signage

WireLoad is a software developer with a taste for Raspberry Pi, the tiny credit card-sized computer capable of displaying full 1080p videos and images. Their website tells their story: “When we analyzed this market we noticed most of the products fell into one of two buckets:

Bloated and overpriced embedded solutions with decent functionality.
Home-made solutions (that were often buggy and reliant on Adobe Flash).


..After spending a few months on the waitlist, we got our Rasperry Pi last summer and got busy cranking out a prototype...The result is a product that we call Screenly – a turn-key digital signage solution. All you need to manage it is your web-browser...”





  LG Shows Signage Solutions at 2013 Dubai Airport Show

At the Dubai Airport Show, LG showcased several products and solutions, including its 84-inch Ultra HD screen with energy-efficient IPS panels, a 55-inch video wall, stretch monitors, outdoor signage and EZSign TV.
LG says EzSign TV is world's first TV that comes with signage function. You can run your message on the TV screen in the form of billboard TV without additional hardware. Advertisements, information and broadcast content can be arranged on the same screen to attract attention and deliver specific messaging to your customer base.





  BrightSign to Launch at Expo:

The New XD Smart Menu Board 

At the European Sign Expo, BrightSign will launch the BrightSign XD Smart Menu Board, an all-in-one, integrated digital menu board solution for fast food outlets, coffee shops and restaurants.
The BrightSign XD Smart Menu Board is simple and inexpensive to implement, and even easier to update with the free iPhone / iPad App. 
Says Jeff Hastings, BrightSign’s CEO, “By packing all the necessary components into an affordable, easy-to-implement solution, our new XD Smart Menu Board is the perfect solution for any restaurant that’s resisted the urge to go digital due to the cost and complexity associated with other less-than-elegant or overly complicated digital menu board offerings...”





  Etulipa & Electrowetting Solutions


First Samsung buys electrowetting display specialist Liquavista NV and then (less than 2 years later) it sells Liquavista to Amazon.

Presumably because Liquavista can’t yet offer a similar high quality, high resolution screen. One industry guru called it “pretty wins over functional” as electrowetting‘s sales propositions are low-power and sunlight-visible. 
While Amazon will use Liquavista technology for eReaders and other mobile devices, now Liquavista spin-off Miortech says its electrowetting “can lift the ban on digital billboards.” 
And Miortech establishes Etulipa as a subsidiary to bring its electrowetting display technology (EWD) into the digital signage space ...  






  Guest Feature: Product Selection Triggers Digital Signage

by Matt Deaton, Marketing Director, Codigo
Have you ever had to take a product out of the box, while still in the store, to better know what it looks like? 100 to 1 odds says that we all have at least once.
Retail stores have looked to digital signage displays to promote their products and help to educate their customers on how something looks, works, or even compares to other like-products. But, non-integrated digital signage basically runs a loop of content which can only be manually tailored to target audiences. This means that content must be pre-selected and may not always be as targeted as marketers may need. On the other hand, digital signage integrated with a POS system can automatically decide what’s the best content to display based on the individual customer.


A new device called the D-Lab Hook uses a trigger mechanism to display content based on the product selected. This device allows...  




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