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VOL. 2 ISSUE 18 - May 10th , 2013

 Zoomkube Mobile Kiosk 

Zoomkube’s newly launched ZK100 is a sleek stand-alone mobile touch display kiosk that encourages brands and marketers to engage consumers through interactive experiences-- and capture critical CRM and behavioral data.


Zoomkube units are designed to be moved from location to location based upon the client’s events and target audiences. 




  The Largest Transparent Display   


Shown at ISE 2013, Crystal Displays calls this 70” the “world’s largest transparent 70” display” and we know of nothing yet that disputes this.

With most transparent display projects using the Samsung 22″ or Samsung 46″ panels, Crystal Displays has introduced new transparent panels to allow customers to upgrade to Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution.

The panels are currently available in sizes 26″, 47″ and 70″ giving companies the option to create better graphics and content which for some applications such as museums, art houses, high end tetail / branding and other applications.

CDS can supply these with Media player or interface card (HDMI) solution and Infra Red or projected capacitive touch screen. 




  Omnitapps Indoor Way Finding 

Besides the Omnitapps Multi Touch Suite and the Cloud Brochure selector, Omnivision adds two new multi touch applications: Indoor Way Finding and Interactive Whiteboard software.

The Indoor Way Finding multi touch software had its introduction at ISE 2013 where more than 44,000 visitors used this software to find their way [see​ photo]. To make this software affordable, Omnivision designed it so users can create their own wayfinding solution (for shopping walls, trade centers, hospitals, etc.) by importing a high resolution floor plan and by importing their own CSV or Excel database.






  If You Know What a Cage Nut Is, You Probably Need This... 

Everybody in the digital signage industry who is involved daily in installing equipment into19” rack mounting systems knows exactly what we are talking about: NUTS.


Cage nuts to be more precise.


If traditional cage nuts drive you nuts, then PAS (Pro Audio Stash) launches an innovative captive nut design – the Threaded Rack Rail Clip Nut—to relieve your frustration and stress.


The contain a threaded extrusion which slides over the square rack rails and clips closed. That saves a lot of time as well as the pain, bruises, stabbings … (and complete and utter frustration)...





  Intelligent Roaming Solution

Oh, we know what you are thinking: this looks like someone walking along with a display parked on their head. 


It looks as simple as a walking digital billboard yet the Nomadix iWalker offers sophisticated roaming digital signage.

The iWalker engages with other media platforms, targets consumers by age and gender, measures audience interactions with content and produces reports in real time whilst on the move. iWalker offers fully quantifiable and measurable results and provides bespoke reporting to the client’s requirements. ...  






  Christie Wins Silver Apex Award at DSE 2013 for Their Own Lobby


Christie left Digital Signage Expo (DSE) with a Silver Apex award (Business, Industry and Government category) for its own digital signage display.The project was to create a display that was architecturally provocative and technologically innovative as a state-of-the-art canvas for artists and content partners as well as for the company’s Artist-In-Residence Program.

The outcome is a lobby wall that consists of 115 Christie MicroTiles and a unique Christie media management solution to drive content on the 70-megapixel wall. The 70 megapixels occur over five displays that are separate yet are capable of driving interlocked content to appear as if they are one canvas... 




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