Cayin’s First Showing: Touch-Enabled Player

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At Computex in Taipei, for the first time CAYIN Technology will showcase at a trade show its SMP-WEBPLUS-T, the touch-enabled digital signage player. Visitors can click a button on the touch screen and view the corresponding dynamic product introduction on the other screen promptly. This solution is especially convenient for users who need to control the presentations on remote screens by a touch panel.

CAYIN Technology will again be the sponsor of digital signage system for Computex, a show that’s home to all the OEM capabilities of Taiwan. CAYIN’s digital signage solutions will be deployed at 13 locations such as main entrances of World Trade Center, Media Center, and VIP lounge.

To provide visitors with fresh visual experiences, Cayin’s stand will highlight five scenarios imitating practical applications including hotel reception, museum, restaurant, ballroom and interactivity.

SMP-WEBDUO is a main highlight of Cayin at Computex: their first web-based digital signage player supporting dual screen and 1080p Full HD video playback. To demonstrate its capability to manage two displays simultaneously, SMP-WEBDUO is set in the restaurant area and scheduled to show e-menu with static price list and dynamic promotions playing in separate screens.

SMP-PROPLUS, Cayin’s up-to-date zone-type digital signage player, not only employs most functions and advantages of the SMP-PRO series, but also supports HD video playback and portrait orientation will be arranged in the museum area with portrait display showing brief introduction of artworks, flash animation, and harmonious background music.

In the hotel reception, CAYIN will present SMP-WEBPLUS, the enhanced web-based media player collocated with xPost, the specially designed application software for hotels and convention centers.

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