Scala Adds Background Music

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Scala and StreamAlot (international provider of background-music solutions) announce a new collaboration.

StreamAlot’s background-music solution integrates with the Scala platform so Scala users can easily add background-music to their marketing mix, offering their audience both visual and auditory experience.

StreamAlot offers professional pre-programmed channels, but can also create tailor-made, branded “radio stations” for its customers, including advertisements and brand-tunes, to emphasize the customer’s company identity.

The low-cost, low-maintenance background-music solution of StreamAlot enables Scala users to unify sound and vision in one system, which is especially interesting in a retail setting.

StreamAlot is the streaming audio platform of in-store entertainment specialist The Music Marketeers. Clients range from Albert Heijn to De Bijenkorf, and from Praxis to Hello Kitty. The Music Marketeers has branches in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Hamburg and Warsaw. Additionally, they entered into partnerships with a number of European companies to service pan European (in retail and gastronomy, particularly) chains.

Go StreamAlot, and put your volume up because their website rocks!

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