AVI-SPL Launches Digital Media as a Service

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AVI-SPL, the US-based integrator who put more than 571 square metres of Barco LED screens in the Dubai Mall, launches a new suite of cloud-based services focused on digital media packaged as a subscription.

Their Digital Media as a Service (DMaaS) will enable customers to leverage capabilities and features by plugging into a centralized shared infrastructure. The first DMaaS services to be offered will focus on digital signage.

AVI-SPL Doug Carnell, VP Business Video Group, says, “…during the recent economic downturn, some of our customers have been asking us how we can help them deploy digital signage without having to invest significant capital for the centralized hardware. Since our customers have had success in using other services in the cloud like Salesforce.com and Google Office, we believe they will quickly adopt Digital Media as a Service as well. DMaaS will help our customers easily leverage the very latest in digital media technology without the huge up-front investment.”

Pricing for this service will be very flexible to cover a variety of markets including education, hospitality and corporate. As each vertical may require a different level of service, such as content, management and deployment, AVI-SPL can design programs that are affordable and can address virtually any customer’s unique digital media needs.

AVI-SPL has experience designing, implementing and managing digital signage deployments around the world.

Watch AVI-SPL coins DMaaS