Visionect’s Onethree, First of Place & Play Series

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Visionect Onetwothree

The first of the Visionect’s new Place & Play family, the 13-inch Onethree is a sign display operational straight out of the box— and 99% more energy efficient than other displays.

ePaper technology allows Visionect to make this light, thin, wireless and energy-efficient display at an affordable cost.

Onethree combines the display, mounting hardware and built-in signage software in a single commercial device that is wire-free and can match up to the most demanding surfaces.

You know how annoying it is for professionals when 5-star hotels take a cheap photo frame and turn it into countertop digital signage?  It turns out hotels and others have needs for quick and easy signage that they don’t want to spend on, that they don’t want “to install.”

That’s where ePaper technology comes in. Wherever you might think about hanging a paper sign (or wish you could afford a monitor or digital signage installation but the budget doesn’t call for it), that’s where an ePaper sign like Onethree comes in.

Only now Visionect has added an Apple-like design (casing made of aluminum and glass, all fully recyclable materials), sophisticated software and wireless connectivity to the energy-saving ePaper tech.

You can use the Onethree in an elevator or on a glass partition or on a countertop. And feed it real-time info.

With its 13-inch E Ink electronic paper screen, Onethree supports all major content management systems, its open Application Programming Interface (API) making displaying content a simple matter of using a website address. 

The device is, says the maker, “by far the greenest, most sustainable display on the market.” Visionect says the Onethree uses so little energy that a single minute it takes to boil a cup of water provides enough watt hours for a whole year’s worth of the sign’s uninterrupted functionality. 

If you think that is an idle boast, Visionect is confident enough in the Place & Play device’s ultra light energy consumption to offer to cover an entire decade’s worth of device-related electricity costs for each of their Onethree customers.  

All their clients need do is focus on developing great content to show on the Onethree, from real-time travel information on a hotel sign, to a KPI company monitor that keeps tabs on performance, a wayfinding sign to activate public spaces, and even a notice board for the medical waiting room. 

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