75” Outdoor Displays Star In Croatian DOOH Network

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Infinitus delivered its first batch (18 double-sided and 5 single-sided) of 2500 nit imotion digital Citylight displays to Go2Digital, a Croatian DOOH network.

DOOH display

This enhances Go2Digital’s DOOH reach, complementing screens placed at 20 shopping malls across the region. Together with 5 additional units (to be deployed in Q1 2016), this network will reach 85% of the Croatian viewers-- more than the first online portal and the most watched television channel in the country. Rollout of these 28 total imotion units will cover premium city center locations in 8 of largest Croatian towns, with 7 cities joining near the end of the 2016.

Go2Digital went for three different outdoor LCD types to cover the different locations in Croatia, with continental climate in the east of the country and the larger area with Mediterranean weather on the western side.

Most of the units are based on imotionG6 technology, made to align to Go2Digital brand. Choice was made because of visual performance, ability to deploy units at any area included coastal, security in operation, warranty conditions and longevity. These advantages can be achieved because of imotion’s G6 thermal management technology which keeps temperature constant and stable within the enclosure.

Four out of eighteen imotionG6 units have additional two 32” side touch screens. These special signs with interactive tourist applications were made for deployments at popular travel destinations such as Split and Zagreb.

Five full front glass imotionFLOW 75” displays were made in this stage to cover single display locations, less demanding environments and walls.

All imotion all-weather are programmable, with automatic functionalities including adaptation to ambient light and system safety functionalities. Remote diagnostics will minimize time spent on-site.

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